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Mastering Substitution Secrets

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Our course will equip you with the skills to crack substitution types of geocaching puzzles, enhancing your geocaching... and stats, too!

Geocaching Puzzle Pro: Mastering Substitution Secrets


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  • Discover hidden treasures with puzzle-solving techniques.
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  • Learn puzzle-solving techniques to access elusive geocaches and discover hidden gems.
  • Enhance your problem-solving skills and mental agility with engaging puzzles and challenges.
  • Gain the confidence to tackle even the most challenging puzzle caches with ease.
  • Track your progress, earn badges, and celebrate your achievements as you advance through the course.
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  • Learn at your own pace, anywhere.
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This course got my brain thinking in different directions that I would have never thought of before. I enjoyed the challenge of solving all of the puzzles.

I am looking forward to using my Cache Crate items and creating a few puzzle caches myself!


I just finished the course. Wow, it was amazing. Some of the puzzles I knew of but most were new to me.

You have definitely sparked some ideas floating around in my head. Thank you.


This is a great course. Whether you're a brand new puzzler or more experienced, the lessons presented are invaluable. Each lesson video is fairly short yet packed full of information.

Keep with it and you'll become a master puzzler in no time


I've been caching since 2010 and have done plenty of puzzles over the years but I would only consider my puzzling skills to be moderate.

Right in the first core lessons I came across some techniques that I hadn't seen in the field yet so I'm sure by the end of the course, I'll be able to tackle any puzzle thrown at me... and I'll be using a lot of these techniques to create my own to place around my area


I've been geocaching for years, but puzzle caches always seemed out of reach. This course changed everything for me! The step-by-step lessons and engaging content made solving substitution type puzzles a breeze.

Highly recommended!


As a newcomer to geocaching, I was intimidated by puzzle caches. Thanks to this course, I now feel confident tackling even the most challenging puzzles.

The explanations are clear, the exercises are fun, and the badges are a great motivator!


I've tried other puzzle-solving help before, but none compare to this one.

The instructors really know their stuff, and the course materials are top-notch. I learned so much and had a blast doing it.

Can't wait for the next course in the series!

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