The Puzzle League

The best place to improve your geocaching puzzle solving skills!

Do you struggle with solving  puzzles?
Stuck at home and want to stay in the game?
Want to learn how to set up your own puzzle caches?

Then the Puzzle League is for YOU!

Weekly lessons, activities, resources and of course fun

Every week we'll provide you with new step-by-step tutorials and techniques, new resources and fun activities for solving those pesky geocaching puzzles. We will help you turn your puzzle icons into smilies!

Stay in the game right from home

We know many of us aren't able to seek or hide geocaches right now. Stay in the game by solving puzzle caches in the comfort of your home. You'll be ready to hit the trail to find lots of puzzle caches soon!

Learn how to set up your own puzzle caches

We'll show you many ways to set up puzzle caches. We'll walk you through the steps on how to publish your own puzzle caches that will be favorite points worthy!

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The Puzzle League is currently closed to new members.

The Puzzle League is the best place to help you solve and hide puzzle caches

The Puzzle League is an online membership dedicated to teaching you how to solve AND hide puzzle caches.

Cully and Lisa will offer weekly tutorials, resources and deep diving lessons into how puzzle caches work. With a little fun thrown in of course!

Content will be delivered to you weekly inside of the Puzzle League membership site. You'll be able to view it at your leisure, and go back to previous lessons whenever you need a refresher. 

We are planning more fun activities including live tutorials and group calls! 

Some examples of what we’ll cover:

  • Waypoints and coordinate systems
  • Source codes and EXIF data
  • Codes and code books
  • A deeper dive into ciphers
  • The mysterious world of numbers and math
  • How to think like a puzzle solver
  • Special guest speakers
  • How to set up your own puzzle caches

When you join the Puzzle League, you'll get access to our private membership site and the member's only Facebook Group.

You know that Lisa has been providing geocaching goodness monthly for over FIVE years with the Cache Crates. She is ready to share all of her over 18 years of geocaching experience with YOU!

And you know that Cully has literally written THE puzzle book "How to Puzzle Cache" on how to solve puzzle caches.

Imagine what this team can provide to you, month after month!

A combined 34 years of geocaching experience

And ready to help you on a weekly basis!

Cully Long

Cully, aka childofatom, is an author (How To Puzzle Cache), artist, theatre designer, puzzler and superhero trivia master.

Cully has over 14 years of geocaching experience.

Lisa Breitenfeldt

Lisa, aka Lookout Lisa, is creator and  founder of Cache Advance, Compass Creek Designs and the Cache Crates. She started geocaching in 2002.

Lisa is eager to share her years of geocaching experience with you!

The Puzzle League is Currently Closed to New Members

We only open the Puzzle League a few times a year. We do this so we can put all of our focus on our current members.

Please join our waitlist and you'll be the first to know about any updates to the Puzzle League, and when we'll open next.

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Puzzle League Waitlist

"I am always looking for ways to up my caching game and I found it with the League of Extraordinary Geocachers. Lookout Lisa has brought in several experts to help us grow our knowledge base; everything from different geocaching apps to puzzle gurus. I especially enjoyed the seminar by Cully Long on puzzle solving and I am super excited about the new Puzzle League. Solving puzzles at home allows me to remain active in geocaching even when I am not able to get out to find caches. I am glad to be part of this wonderful geocaching community that keeps us connected while stay-at-home orders and social distancing keep us apart."

Sally, aka jazzncatz, Charter Member

Join the Waitlist

The Puzzle League is currently closed to new members.


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