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Discover the hidden world of geocaching ...

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Ready for fun and adventure...

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Did you try geocaching before with little to no luck?

Have you always wanted to try geocaching but don't know where to start?

Are you ready to take your current caching knowledge to the next level?


We'll show you how in the Caching League!

Step by Step

Bi-weekly lessons, activities and Q&As to help you navigate the ins and outs of geocaching.

Go from beginner to seeker to lifestyle cacher with our easy to follow steps.


Geocaching takes you to places you never knew were there - some just around the next corner! 

We'll show you how!


Find amazing places, meet the best people and just get out and explore. 

Have adventures, get exercise and see your world in a whole new way!

What happens in the Caching League?

  • You get step by step, easy to follow bi-weekly lessons and tutorials so you know how to start geocaching the easy way.
  • Tips, hints and insider know-how so you can avoid rookie mistakes.
  • Special Facebook group for the Caching League so you can connect with and support other new geocachers.
  • New topics each month so you'll become a well rounded experienced geocacher!

The Caching League is an online membership dedicated to teaching you all about geocaching.

You will get bi-weekly tutorials, resources and deep diving lessons into all the aspects of the game. With a little fun thrown in of course!

Content is delivered to you bi-weekly inside of the Caching League membership hub. You'll be able to view it at your leisure, and go back to previous lessons whenever you need a refresher. 

There is even more fun activities including live tutorials and group calls! 

Some examples of what we cover:

  • How to find geocaches
  • Cache pages deciphered
  • Using Apps
  • Essential gear
  • GPS units
  • Geocaching with kids
  • Geocaching with dogs
  • Safety on the trail
  • How trackables work
  • Geocaching events and community
  • Route planning
  • Puzzle caches
  • Challenge caches
  • Souvenirs
  • Special guest speakers
  • How to set up and hide your own geocaches

When you join the Caching League, you get access to our private membership hub and the member's only Facebook Group.

Did you know that I have been providing geocaching goodness monthly since 2015 with the Cache Crate subscription boxes, and have been providing geocaching gear and inspiration since 2005?

I'm ready to share all of my 20 years of geocaching experience with YOU! 

I'm In!

What Exactly Is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt happening right now, all around you.

There are millions of geocaches worldwide. Geocaches are found in parks, urban areas, forests, deserts, on top of mountains, underwater — pretty much anywhere you can imagine. There are probably a few near you right now…

Ready for Fun and Adventure?

Have you always wanted to learn how to start geocaching? 

Geocaching is the perfect way to explore your hometown, nearby parks and discover hidden treasures - maybe just around the next corner!

City & Trail

Geocaches are found everywhere; many are in cities, hidden in plain sight. Some require a longer hike or special equipment.

We'll show you how to choose your best adventure based on your abilities.

Join the Caching League

Hi! I'm Lisa, aka Lookout Lisa, and I'll be your guide in the Caching League.

I've been geocaching since 2002 and I'm so excited to share my expertise and love of the game with you!

We'll see you on the inside!


Introducing G. Scott Miller

Scott, aka GSMx2, is one of our main instructors inside of the Caching League.

Scott has extensive geocaching experience and he is a trained guide.


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Go from Beginner to Expert to Lifestyle Geocacher with the Caching League.

Our journey will lead you through along the path to becoming a lifestyle geocacher.

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